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Dental Implants

Dr. Stacy Moffenbier is an Omaha periodontist who works with dental implants in Omaha, NE. Dental implants are quickly becoming the number one solution for missing teeth. Previously, patients only had either dentures or a dental bridge to choose from. However, new technology has brought us dental implants. Omaha patients can now replace missing teeth in a natural and nondestructive way. Unlike previous solutions, dental implants function almost identical to the missing teeth while preventing bone and tissue deterioration. This makes them a healthier and more attractive replacement option for missing teeth.

In order to fully understand the benefits of dental implants, Omaha patients must first understand how they work. There are three main components:

The implant – This is a small titanium post that is surgically implanted into your jawbone. After about four to six months, the titanium will become naturally fused with the bone tissue in a way that replicates the root structure of the missing teeth.

The abutment – This is fitted over the part of the implant that sticks out past the gum line.

The crown – This is placed over the abutment. Crowns are usually made from ceramic and shaped and colored to match the appearance of the missing teeth.

Traditional solutions for missing teeth pose major risks of complication. However, we now have a much healthier and ideal solution with dental implants. Omaha patients no longer have to suffer the loss of bone and soft tissue. Almost anybody can be a candidate for dental implants. Even patients who have suffered bone loss due to missing teeth can undergo bone grafting surgery. Only small children whose jaws have not developed might not be eligible for the procedure. Additionally, patients with certain illnesses, such as hemophilia, may be considered a risk and deemed ineligible for dental implants.


Dr. Stacy Moffenbier, a Periodontist located in Omaha, Nebraska, serves patients from Bellevue, NE, Springfield, NE, and Gretna, NE as well as other surrounding areas. We look forward to welcoming you to our practice and encourage you to schedule an appointment today.

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