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Dental Implant FAQs

Why should I consider implant dentistry?

Not only will a missing tooth impact your oral health, it will affect your overall quality of life as well. If you don't replace your missing tooth, you will find that your appearance suffers as well as your daily life. Activities such as chewing your food or speaking clearly become difficult and sometimes painful. With dental implants, Omaha patients will see these issues eliminated.

What benefits does implant dentistry provide?

Implant dentistry is a safe and predictable solution for tooth replacement. Other solutions, such as dentures or bridges, can lead to complications. With Dental implants, Omaha patients are provided with a natural appearance and functionality that cannot be found elsewhere. Simply put, implant dentistry is a healthier and more attractive solution.

Am I eligible for dental implants?

Almost anybody is a candidate for implant dentistry. Patients of all ages can receive dental implants. Even if you have experienced significant bone loss in the area, we can perform a bone grafting procedure.

What is the success rate with implant dentistry?

Dental implants are successful 97% of the time. In cases where the implants are not successful, we will attempt to place them in a slightly different location where there is a higher chance of them integrating with the bone.

Is implant dentistry painful?

No, it is not. Before the surgery, you will be given a local anesthetic to ensure there is no pain or discomfort. After the procedure, you will be prescribed pain medication to reduce any soreness or discomfort that might occur.

How long is the recovery period?

With implant dentistry, patients will usually be able to return to work the following day.

How do I care for my implants?

Dental implants require the same care and maintenance as regular teeth. This means daily brushing and flossing along with periodic check-ups and professional cleanings.

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