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Single Missing Tooth

Single Missing Tooth in Omaha, NEIt is not uncommon for a patient to experience a single missing tooth because of injury or illness. Previously, the only solution to this would have been a dental bridge. However, the dental bridge was found to lead to complications over time. The main problem was that it caused damage to otherwise healthy teeth. This is because the dental bridge requires tooth enamel to be removed from adjacent teeth so they can be used as anchors. Another problem was the lack of stimulation to the jawbone. This meant that deterioration of the bone and surrounding gum tissue occurred, thus altering the facial structure and enhancing any signs of aging. Luckily, we now have dental implants. Omaha patients can receive a healthier and more natural alternative to the dental bridge. 

Dr. Stacy Moffenbier, a Periodontist located in Omaha, Nebraska, serves patients from Bellevue, NE, Springfield, NE, and Gretna, NE as well as other surrounding areas. We look forward to welcoming you to our practice and encourage you to schedule an appointment today.

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