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Patient Testimonials

"She made me feel at ease and took time to answer my questions. I appreciated that very much. If someone would ask about her, I would say she is very patient and takes her time, also explains things to you. I would recommend her highly. She has a great staff."
-Charlotte A. Rettenmaier

"I have been a patient of Dr Moffenbeir for 19 years. I had some rather bad experiences in my younger days and consequently I used to not want to go get my teeth cleaned etc. before finding her. I'm not going to say I look forward to it but it is no longer a concern. No more stress /anxiety etc. She is AWESOME and very thorough as is her staff. I now have my wife and several family members going to her as well."

"She is awsome and I would highly recommend her! She and her staff do outstanding work! I had a deep cleaning done and had complete success. The key to that is doing as you are supposed to yourself. You can't not floss and brush as you're supposed to and expect anything to work and to last. I continue to have improvement. She wasn't on my insurance but their office will submit claims for you to your insurance carrier.

About Hygienist: I go here every 6 months for periodontal maintenance and would highly recommend her too. She is very thorough in her job and also checks for possible cancer, etc... I have quit using my dentist's hygienist because I didn't feel the cleaning was even close to being as thorough. It's worth the extra cost to keep everything good and healthy."

"Awesome Dr and Faclilities, Can't say enough good about her or her staff"

"Many of my teeth were on the verge of compromise (loss) due to periodontitis. I was Living with extreme pain every day. Within 6 months pain was a rare occasion. After 1 year - never. Periodontitis was stopped, and for the most part reversed .Thorough, consistent and personalized care is the norm for her practice. All staff - Reception, Hygentists and Dr. Moffenbier herself are professional, pleasant and extremely patient oriented. I actually look forward to my visit every 3 months because when I leave, Dr. Moffenbier has thoroughly explained her current assessment and treatment plan and what I can do to help to make it successful - the status of my dental health and consequently, my overall health has never been better."

"Dr. Moffenbier is VERY conscientious and thorough and treatment is conservative meaning she doesn't do work to have something to do. Excellent if every way."

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