How does laser gum surgery work?

Lasers, in general, work by giving out energy in the form of light. When they are used to perform laser gum surgery, they act as a cutting instrument to vaporize and remove tissue from the area. When used with fillings, lasers provide heat to help cure the filling and strengthen the bond between it and the tooth. Lasers are also used in the teeth whitening process to enhance the effect of the bleaching agent.

What is special about the PerioLase® MVP-7™?

The PerioLase® MVP-7™ is the only laser to receive clearance by the FDA. It has a large collection of research to support its claims and prove that it is effective in laser gum surgery. This is also a highly intelligent laser that can distinguish between healthy and diseased tissue, making laser gum surgery less invasive and less painful.

Is laser gum surgery painful?

LANAP® typically involves much less pain and discomfort than traditional gum surgery. Instead of cutting and sewing the tissue, your Omaha periodontist will use a laser to eliminate bacteria and diseased tissue without causing harm to the healthy tissue.

Is laser gum surgery more expensive?

LANAP® is generally within the same price range as traditional gum disease treatment. You will have to check with your Omaha periodontist for exact prices.

Is laser gum surgery safe?

If the laser is used in accordance with the accepted practices, then yes. Laser gum surgery is no more dangerous than traditional gum surgery.

How will I know if my Omaha periodontist is properly trained?

Ask plenty of questions regarding the extent of his or her laser training. Make sure they have participated in educational training courses provided by the manufacturer.

Am I a candidate for laser gum surgery?

You will need to consult with Dr. Stacy Moffenbier. While most patients are eligible for treatment, not everyone is.

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